How to Blow Dry Hair Men

The blow dryer is an incredible device ( special thanks to the Inventor). It can greatly assist you when you need to get your hair dry quickly. And let’s not forget how it can help hair products do their magic in a shorter period.

But despite being a great tool, you must use the hair dryer correctly. Once you master the correct way to use it, you can manage and style your hair effectively. We have carefully prepared this piece of writing to help you blow-dry your hair the right way.

The Things You Will Need

• Get a good hair dryer.

• Moisturizing shampoo and hair conditioner that contains oils for healthy hair.

• A comb (wide-toothed for curly hair).

• A microfiber towel or a soft T-shirt.

• A heat protectant.

• Styling products.

Wash Your Hair Thoroughly

Hair shampoo and conditioner

The first thing you should do is wash your hair thoroughly. Use the shampoo ( sulfate and paraben free) and then the conditioner. Shampoos and hair conditioners containing paraben and sulfate can irritate your scalp and cause hair damage.

Earlier, we mentioned using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, and the reason is simple. Your hair needs to keep its natural oils, and these oils ensure that your hair remain healthy. Unhealthy hair often results in hair damage, and we don’t want that to happen.

Once your hair has been properly washed, move on to the next step.

Get Rid Of Excess Water On Your Hair

Dried hair

Blow drying soaking wet hair beats the core purpose of a blow dryer (it will take forever and can damage your hair due to longer heat exposure). Your hair should only be damp when blow drying.

Get a microfiber towel, and if you don’t have one readily available, use a soft T-shirt. Your hair doesn’t need stress, so please avoid using towels that will stress it. 

Don’t apply much force when towel blotting. Gently blot your hair until you no longer feel water dripping from your hair.

Get Rid Of Your Hair Tangles

hair comb

Tangled hair makes blow drying difficult. For a better blow drying experience, get a comb and work it through your hair. 

Hair care experts advise that brushing wet hair isn’t a smart option. Your hair is weakened when wet, and using a comb instead of a brush is greatly advised. 

It’s also advised that those with curly hair should use a wide-toothed comb.

Protect Your Hair From Heat

Heat protectants can come in the form of a spray or mousse. You must apply heat protectant if you don’t want the blow dryer’s heat to damage your hair.

Make sure your hair gets a sufficient amount of the protectant, and evenly distribute it.

Time To Blow Dry

Blow dryer

Don’t use the highest setting on the device. You already know that too much heat isn’t good for your hair. Place it on the medium setting and keep the dryer about 15cm to 20cm away from your hair. Holding it too close can hurt your scalp and hair. 

Ensure that you dry from the roots of your hair to the tips. Don’t focus the dryer on one spot for a long period. Doing that can ruin your hair.

With your comb (or fingers), blow dry your hair sparingly and comb in the direction you desire to have it rest. The comb helps you to have better control when drying.

Finally, turn the blow dryer to the lowest setting and blast your hair with a rush of cold air. Your hair follicles close up when it gets cold, and Closed-up follicles mean your hair is firmly held in.

Finish off the process with styling products.


Hair wax, pomade, spray, mousse, gel, and other styling products all work fine in holding your hairstyle. 

For more flexible hair movement, use lighter hair-holding products like mousse.

Tips To Take Note Of

For a more glossy slicked-back finish, use a hair gel or wax. Pomade works as well–use what works best for you.

Don’t overuse the products. Use too much of it, and your hair will be greasy. Use even less amount of styling products if you have naturally oily hair.

For volume:

  • Blow-dry your hair from the root of the area you need more volume and take the airflow upwards as you comb.
  • Use the air concentrator nozzle for better airflow in the area you want more hair volume.
  • If you want less volume, blow-dry your hair in a downward direction.

Diffuser: Some don’t have the luxury of time or the desire to style their hair while blow drying. If you identify with this group, attach the diffuser that comes with the blow dryer. Doing this lessens the time of the process.

If you have already damaged or thinning hair, using a blow dryer on your hair will result in more damage. Speak to a hair care specialist to help you determine what you need to restore your healthy hair.

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