How to Dry Curly Hair Men

Curly hair is always a wonder to behold, and those who appreciate curly hair would agree. Let’s not get carried away, though. The only way to make your curly hair look stunningly beautiful is by drying it properly.

When curly hair is dried the wrong way, it tends to get frizzy, and there is absolutely nothing stunning about frizzy hair. You are reading this now because you probably want to learn the proper way to dry curly hair.

We will explain several ways to dry curly hair for men.

First, Shampoo Your Hair

Hair shampoo

Of course, you knew that. But did you also know that regular (and by regular, daily) shampooing of your hair can damage it?

Washing with shampoo every day has its downsides. Another thing worthy of notice is the type of shampoo you use.

Shampoos that contain sulfate and paraben can irritate your scalp. Please avoid using these. Hair care experts advise that moisturizing shampoos (sulfate-free and paraben-free) are the best. The essential and natural oil found in moisturizing shampoos–like coconut oil and argan oil–provides hydration for your hair.

You can also make use of dry shampoo. Using dry shampoo on your dry hair will help absorb excess hair sebum (oil secreted by your scalp). The result is an added lift to your curls.

But please, just because it’s easy and takes less time doesn’t mean you should ditch your regular shampoo. Please don’t use dry shampoo exclusively.

Use your moisturizing shampoo not more than three times a week. It’s healthier for your hair that way.

Give Those Curls More Moisture

Hair conditioners

The truth is that your curly hair needs all the hydration it can get. And this is where the hair conditioners come in.

Generally, most men might opt for rinse-off conditioners, and that’s okay. But if you want to retain tighter curls, then you’ll need more hydration on those curls.

The hair care products aisle contains several leave-in hair conditioners with natural oils. Get one, and make sure you use it regularly (daily if you choose).

But because some hair requires a decent amount of moisture and protein to remain elastic, protein-containing hair conditioners are recommended. The choice is yours to make:

• Use a moisturizing hair conditioner if your hair suffers from breakage due to excessive dryness.

• Use a protein hair conditioner on your hair to make it stronger and reduce shedding.

You can use them interchangeably. It all depends on your hair texture and how healthy your hair is.

Air Dry Your Hair If You Can

Air drying means no heat when drying your hair. You probably know that excess heat treatment can damage your hair (if you didn’t know, you know now).

Don’t just air-dry; use anti-frizz products and apply them to your wet hair before it dries. Note that what works for Jimmy might not work for Jack, so always use the right one for your curl type.

You will find hair serums, oils, creams, mousse, and sprays for your curls. They all serve different purposes, from adding volume to providing more hold and defined shape. Go for what you need.

Blow Dry If You Can’t Air Dry

You could be very busy, and the concept of air drying might sound like an impossible task. Or maybe you’re lazy (don’t worry, you’re not alone). Blow drying your hair is an alternative to air drying.

To blow-dry your curly hair, you’ll need a diffuser. Please attach it to your blow dryer and blow dry first with a blast of hot air at the lowest hot setting. Once you notice your curls are set and half dry, switch the dryer’s setting to the lowest cold air blast. Finish off with the diffuser until your hair is completely dry. Doing it this way would help minimize the frizz.

Style Your Hair As You Desire

Your curls are finally dry the right way. Now it’s time to style your hair. Use styling products with holds like a wax, pomade (or clay), and sprays. They will help hold down your curls in your desired style. And not just that, these products protect from the humidity in the air.

Some Things To Take Note Of

• After you’ve shampooed, gently (accordion) squeeze your hair to remove excess water.
• Don’t use a cotton towel. It tends to be aggressive on your hair and can damage your hair cuticles. Use a microfiber towel instead or a soft T-shirt.
• Use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush on your curls when untangling.
• To define your curls, use a curl-defining gel. Apply to your damp hair and gently scrunch upwards.
• When blow drying, always use a heat protectant spray. This product protects your hair from the heat from the dryer.
• Curls don’t need to be overwashed.
• Always follow up with a leave-in hair conditioner. Curls tend to get dry pretty quickly, so always moisturize.

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