How to Get Silky Hair Men

Awesome, and silky hair is almost therapeutic to look at. Silky hair is not only within reach of the ladies; gentlemen like yourself can get silky hair. 

However, as with any other hair type, there is work to do on your hair, and it all boils down to creating the right routine that works for you. Your hair can become silky, and we have prepared this article to show you how!

Choosing The Right Shampoo

Hair shampoo

Please don’t go for harsh shampoos with strong artificial fragrances; they take away the silky nature of your hair. Gentle or mild shampoos keep your hair clean enough without compromising the sebum secretion from your scalp that is responsible for strong and healthy hair.

But keep in mind that balance is required. Don’t shampoo daily (keep it at most three or four times a week). Speaking of gentle shampoos, look for moisturizing shampoos that are sulfate and paraben free.

 The idea is to wash your hair clean but not in a way that results in the loss of natural hair oils responsible for your hair’s silky texture. Children’s shampoo provides the right kind of mild shampoo for some guys, and you can get those if you want to. Always rinse off the shampoo properly.

Rinse your hair on days you don’t use shampoo: Don’t get it confused. While you are to shampoo your hair sparingly, you must rinse your hair with water on the days you don’t use shampoo.

A man rinsing his hair

Choosing The Right Hair Conditioner 

Hair shampoo and conditioner

Condition your hair with a moisturizing effect. You see, your hair needs strength and moisture to remain silky smooth. The good thing about moisturizing conditioners is that you can use them regularly, even when you don’t shampoo your hair. Awesome, right?

There are lots of moisturizing and dye-free hair conditioners on the market. Get one for yourself. You can use a rinse-off hair conditioner or a leave-in hair conditioner (applied after you’re done washing your hair). Some use the combination of both if their hair is particularly dry.

A while back, we mentioned that your hair needs essential natural oils. Those with a coarse hair type can also use coconut oil or argan oil on their hair. One of these oils (or a blend of some) can be combed and evenly distributed through the hair several times each week. Gently massage your hair.

It all comes down to how oily your hair is, so you might not need to use it often. Avoid excessive use of these oils because they can make your hair greasy. Not just that, too much of it weighs down your hair.

Choosing The Right Tools For Styling


Don’t brush your hair if it isn’t coarse; use a comb instead. Combing your hair each morning doesn’t just loosen up tangled hair but also makes it silky smooth. It’s best to comb and detangle your hair when it’s damp. Use a fine-toothed comb that with be too hard on your hair.

Using a flat iron: You can use a flat iron to straighten out your coarse hair. That said, you need to follow these precautions because heat can damage your hair;

• Make sure your hair is completely dry.

• Always use a heat protectant and comb to distribute it on your hair evenly.

• Don’t go over your hair more than once; if possible, space the frequency of using the flat iron.

Choosing The Right Styling Products

Using a blow dryer: First, blot your hair with a microfiber towel until your hair is no longer dripping wet. Use a heat protectant before blow drying, and remember to blow dry from the roots to the tips of your hair in the direction you want them styled.

Hair pomade

You might want to stay away from styling products that contain alcohol. These products sap out the moisture from your hair, and we don’t want that now, do we?

To style your hair and retain the silky texture, go for hair waxes and pomades that contain natural oils. If you can, avoid styling products altogether and stick to oils like coconut oil, argan oil, and other natural hair oils.

Choosing The Right Hairstyle

A man with silky hair

A very short hairstyle doesn’t have any silky feel. So, grow your hair at about three inches in length. You can grow it longer if you want, as long as you can keep it clean sufficiently. It would help if you had not-so-short hair so you could get a proper haircut that feels silky.

Now that we’ve gotten to the haircut, note that you must also trim regularly. Split ends don’t leave your hair silky; to correct this, you must trim it regularly.

Choosing The Right Supplements And Diet

What you eat can also determine the health of your hair. Follow a healthy diet that includes vitamins (vitamins E and C) and minerals. Your hair needs a protein known as keratin, responsible for making your hair strong and shiny. Eat enough protein, and feel free to supplement your diet with supplementary vitamins.

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