20 Haircuts For Asian Men

We live in a time when people generally want to look good with the latest trends. Asian men are not left out; they want to look sleek and feel fresh. One of the first steps to take is getting a great haircut.

There are varieties of haircuts for Asian men, and we guarantee they have what it takes to look elegant. Check out these trendy haircuts for Asian men we have selected for you!

1. Two Block Cut

Arguably the most trendy Asian haircut, this haircut has all it takes to turn necks. It derives its name from the distinctive feature of the neatly trimmed top, reduced sides, and back.

2. Temple Fade

This haircut is simply phenomenal. It looks good on any man, irrespective of their ethnicity. Just like the name suggests, the temple is faded sharp and neatly.

3. Curly Top Fade

While it is true that Asian men have straighter hair, they can also get those straight strands curly. It looks great, and the hair texture is out of this world. A proper curly hair care routine is crucial if you want to maintain the curls.

4. Caesar Cut

A low-maintenance haircut is a need for lots of guys. If you’re one of them, you might want to consider the classic and truly unique Caesar cut. The textured top gives this haircut a good touch of suaveness.

5. Sleek Undercut

Sleek Undercut
By: @gataomo

Look at this haircut; The sides and rear are shaved close to the skin. Then the top is styled with a hair-holding product to keep the style in place.

6. Long Hair

One thing about long hair is that it doesn’t require frequent visits to the hairstylist. That being said, it needs to be cared for, and how it’s cared for will determine how it’ll look.

7. The Burst Fade

Trends come and go, but the faded haircuts aren’t planning on going anywhere. The burst fade starts with a taper that slowly descends into a fade. The top is left a few inches high. This style is easy to style and maintain.

8. Curtain Hairstyle

Another hairstyle making a comeback is the curtain hairstyle. And it looks like it was made for Asian men, especially. The chopped fringes can be parted to get a more contemporary look.

9. Fades With Highlights

If you’re comfortable with having a different color on your hair, go for this haircut. First, you get the classic fades, and then a few strands of hair will get highlighted with a color of your choice.

10. Tinted Hair

Tinted Hair
By: By: @indobarber.id

Go a step further and get a tint. Pick a color that goes well with your complexion and have a professional stylist do it. This hairstyle will make a colorfully bold statement. You can have the sides and rear tapered or faded if you like.

11. Tousled Hair

Your hands can be of great use if you love this style. It’s effortless to achieve this style, no matter your hair length. Use some mouse or light hold gel or pomade and apply it on your hair. With your hands, scrunch your hair to get this tousled look.

12. Mid Fade

The fade starts right above the ears and around to the back. But it’s not taken above the eyebrows. The top is styled, as you can see above.

13. Buzz Cut

This almost Shaolin monk style is a good way to relieve the stress of styling your hair daily. If you have a well-defined chiseled face, try this. You can easily give yourself this haircut at home with your electric hair clipper.

14. Crew Cut

You can also go for the crew cut if you need a short haircut that doesn’t go down to the skin. The crew cut doesn’t require much maintenance. Just use a little hair gel and tousle your hair slightly.

15. Hard Part Fade

A hard part can be applied to a fade, resulting in a great, streamlined style. To hold the style in place, use a little but sufficient amount of hair pomade to style it. Using a high amount of pomade will make your hair greasy.

16. Spiky Hairstyle

Tapered sides and spiky top hair can be a great combination if it is done right. This style works best for Asian guys with thin hair.

17. Edgar Cut

The Edgar Cut has the potential to make you look fiercely intense. The sides and rear are reduced to the skin, and the top is cropped and textured.

18. Quiff With High Fade

The quiff style adds volume to your hair, and the high fade gives a sharp contrast between the top and sides. Go for this style if you’re looking for a haircut that adds volume to your hair.

19. Man Bun

If you already have long hair, you can keep it and tie it in a bun. If you want to tweak it, why not go to the barbershop and have them give you an undercut?

20. Pompadour

Last but not least, we have pompadour. It looks professional and casual, and the tapered fade on the sides and back makes it even better.

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