20 Haircuts for Big Forehead Men 2022

Just because you have a big forehead does not mean you can not look good. You might have chosen a haircut in the past, and it ruined your quest for a cut that makes your forehead less prominent; but do not worry, we have got you covered! There are lots of haircuts, from short faded styles to longer styles that can give you just the right look.

Read and discover haircuts that fit men with big foreheads perfectly.

1. The Caesar Haircut

This is one of the classics. It essentially involves shortening and fading the hair around the lower part of the head and then leaving a uniform fringe toward the front. Once complete, the hair is brushed forward toward the forehead. This will allow the bangs to cover a significant part of the forehead.

2. Short Pompadour Haircut

You might be looking for something more streamlined, yeah? Well, this haircut offers you that. It features short hair on the rear and sides of the head ( with a fade downwards). The hair is left longer at the top and combed backward to give a neat and stylish look that takes the attention away from the forehead.


3. Fade With a Fringe Haircut

A tapered look can look good on you. This haircut begins with a fade that goes around the rear and sides of the head and is then properly finished with a styled fringe that goes forward over the hairline. 

4. Pushed Back Haircut

It’s time to get the gel because you’ll need it. To get a pushed-back haircut, the hair by the sides and rear end of the head is tapered. The front, on the other hand, is styled with an angle that goes to one side and towards the back with gel to keep it in place.

5. High Undercut Haircut

This is where a neat shave around the head is brought up high above the ears and to the back of the head. The top, on the other hand, is kept lengthy. The long top is left to fall over the forehead, which in turn leaves it less prominent.

6. Curly Top Haircut

Some who prefer to retain their curly hair can go for this. The sides and rear are reduced to create a distinction between them and the curly and longer top. Styling the top curls could take different forms; styled to sides at an angle, pushed back, and held in place with gel, or leave them to hang naturally.

7. Undercut With Tendrils

I hope you like tendrils! The sides and the rear are given a clean shave while the top is kept long. A tendril of hair is then left hanging either to the left or the right side of the forehead just above the eye. 

8. French Crop With Side Swept Bangs

It is a hybrid of an undercut and Caesar haircut. A little fringe with styled longer bangs is left to fall over the sides of the forehead. 

9. Thick And Tapered Haircut

For those who prefer not to lose much hair on the sides and rear, this is for you. The sides and rear are tapered slightly, with the top left with more length. It can be styled forward or downwards to the side, based on your preference.

10. Skin Undercut

The hair around the sides and to the rear is shaved down to the scalp leaving the top neatly styled in a way that takes the attention away from the forehead.

11. Versatile High Fade

This haircut allows you to style your hair either pushed back or brushed forward, rightfully earning it the name. The sides and rear are faded high, with the top left with more hair volume to be styled as desired.

12. Shaved Head

What better way to hide your forehead that to shave your entire hair off, right? This works for some because the line between the forehead and hairline blends to give a look that hides the big forehead.

13. Two Block Cut

The hair is shaved around the temple level with the top left long and styled parted in the middle or to the sides. Some prefer to slick backward.

14. Long Curly Layers

Having the sides and rear shorter than the top curly hair also works. The top is styled in multi-layered curls, leaving you with a less pronounced forehead.

15. Tapered Long Top Fade

This works quite well. The hair on top is styled towards the back and left a couple of inches longer than the sides and rear to give a cool look.

16. Long And Casual With Bangs

Bangs come in handy here. The hair is left long with a bit of wavy layering, and a side parted either to the left or the right and then finished with bangs that essentially hide the forehead.

17. Gelled Fade Haircut

Neatly tapered sides and rear and an exciting top are what you get with this cut. A little amount of gel is used before brushing the hair in angled directions.

18. Volume on The Sides

As the name implies, the hair is left with a lengthy volume on top but a shorter volume on the sides. The hair is then styled backward for a fabulous look.

19. Curly With Bangs

Another one for the curls. The curly bangs are styled over the forehead to an angle on one side or straight down, giving you a tapered cut.

20. Faux Hawk Haircut

A faux hawk can also come with a fade for a more contemporary look. One of the benefits is the fact that it can be styled to make the forehead look smaller in appearance.

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