20 Haircuts For Men With Receding Hairline

Many men have hairlines that have seen better days; now, it’s receding! A receding hairline can be a bit of a worry for some men. One initial thought springs to one’s mind: Can I get a decent haircut?

The simple answer is a resounding yes! And to prove true to this, we have prepared a list of 20 haircuts for men with receding hairlines. These styles are not just decent but also superb.

1. Comb Over With Parted Top

A comb-over is a great way to combat a receding hairline. First, the sides of your hair are tapered, and the top is left with a little volume. The top can be styled with a holding product like a pomade and combed with a fine-toothed comb.

2. Crew Cut

The crew cut isn’t only for men looking for a low-maintenance haircut. It’s a great way to It’s good and stylish, notwithstanding a receding hairline.

3. Short Pompadour

Sure, it’s possible to have a receding hairline and a head full of thick hair. If you identify with this, why not try a short pompadour? Old Fashioned pompadour haircuts usually feature a side taper, but presently, many are getting a fade on the sides.

4. Fringes

With a fringe, you can conceal your hairline. It’s fairly easy to get this look; the receding hairline won’t be noticeable when done correctly.

5. Clean Shave

It has been tried and tested, gentlemen. This style can come in handy for men who have developed balding. Some might consider it extreme, but you must admit that it gets the job done.

6. French Crop

The chopped fringe feature of a French crop makes it a good candidate for this list. In addition, the cropped top hair looks neat and well-textured.

7. Hard part Fade

Who says you can’t rock a modern haircut once your hairline starts receding? The hard part is certainly a great haircut, and guys with or without a receding hairline can go for it.

8. Slicked back

Look like a perfect gentleman with this incredible hairstyle. The sides and rear are tapered, while the top hair is left a little long. Hair products like a pomade hold the slicked-back hair in place.

9. High Fade

As the name implies, the faded sides are slightly higher than the regular fade. You can pair a high-fade haircut with a nice beard.

10. Short Top With Taper

We know some men don’t want a haircut with “high maintenance” written all over it, and these men don’t have the time for it. A short haircut like this allows you to look nice without doing much.

11. Low Fade With Bangs

Bangs can be swept either to the side or the front. In this case, the bangs are swept toward the forehead to conceal the hairline. Adding a low fade makes this style irresistibly gorgeous.

12. Regulation Cut

The regulation cut has military origins, and guys in and out of the military wear this simple haircut. You have the option of a fade or a neat taper on the sides.

13. Man Bun

A receding hairline won’t stop your hair from growing. You can try this style if you have long hair and wish to keep it. Hair can be lower on the sides to fade. Whatever works for you.

14. Brushed Up Curls

A well-moisturized curly hair makes for a terrific look. Even with a deep hairline, you can feel and look great.

15. Sleek Undercut

The top hair is left long but becomes shorter toward the crown to get a proper undercut hairstyle. The hair is shaved down to the scalp on the head’s sides. Pomade or hair clay holds the top in place.

16. Mid Fade

A style like the one above uses the hair on top to get a fine finish. It’s cool and serves as a haircut for any setting.

17. Fade With Spiky Top

Embrace your fun side with this fun haircut. A spiky top and taper fade on the sides and rear give a new dimension to the receding hairline. Grow a beard to compliment the haircut.

18. Short Top Fade With Beard

Simple and uniquely stylish. The top is shortened, and the sides and rear are reduced to a fade. The neatly groomed beards keep things exciting.

19. Low Fade

Look tidy and fresh with a classic low fade. A low fade begins close to the ears and doesn’t stray far from them. You can style the top hair as you desire.

20. Scissor Cut

Remain in control, and don’t let a receding hairline take it away from you. A scissor cut is another haircut that helps you take control. The top is textured and gradually descends into a taper on the sides and rear.

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