20 Haircuts For Men With Straight Hair

Let’s face it; straight hair is a delight to look at—if given a proper hairstyle. You see, straight hair is so easy to style and maintain. With the right haircut idea, you can be sure that you’ll step out every day looking handsome.

So, that being said, you’re about to embark on a journey of discovering great and trendy haircuts for men with straight hair. These haircuts have been carefully selected just for you!

1. Comb Over Fade

First on the list is the comb-over fade. With the fade neatly trimmed, the top parted, and combed to the side; it doesn’t require much effort to style.

2. Ponytail Fade

You don’t need much long hair to pull this off. As you can see, the sides and back are lowered to a fade while the top hair is left alone. Tie the top hair in a ponytail and go about your day without worrying about hair getting on your face.

3. Textured Taper Cut

The purpose of the textured top is to add more volume. And to keep the top firmly in place, the gel is applied to hold the style. The tapered sides make this haircut more beautiful.

4. Slicked Back Taper

Another tapered haircut to consider is this one. The only difference between this and the textured taper cut is that the top is not textured. The top is slicked back with a pomade to give you a streamlined look.

5. Pompadour

The list wouldn’t be complete without the pompadour. This haircut comes in different variations, and the one you see above is just one of them.

6. French Crop

Trendy and simple. This short haircut is very popular for men with straight hair. The striking difference between the sides and the brushed forward top is simply flawless!

7. Swept Back Fade

One thing Fade haircuts have is their ability to look good on anyone, notwithstanding their hair type. The swept-back fade is one of the fades that looks incredible on men with straight hair.

8. Cropped Skin Fade

An increasing number of men want haircuts that require low maintenance. The low skin fade offers this. The sides and back get shaved down to the skin to blend with the top.

9. Mid Fade With a Beard

As we mentioned earlier, faded haircuts always look good. The mid-fade with a beard can have you looking sharp.

10. Quiff

Another beauty to behold is the quiff haircut. It is perfect for men with straight hair looking for more volume on top. Get yourself this haircut, and thank us later.

11. Faux Hawk

Rock and roll with the faux hawk. The faux hawk has become increasingly popular, and men with straight hair can always get an intense look with the haircut.

12. Long Hair

We didn’t forget about guys who want to keep their hair long. You can keep long straight hair. All you need is to get yourself some moisturizing shampoo and hair conditioners. Note that a proper hair care routine is vital to maintain this style.

13. Temple Fade

temple fade
By: @iz25_

The fades are highly popular, and they come in varieties. One variety is the temple fade you see above. As the name suggests, the temple is faded neatly to distinguish between the temple and other parts of the head.

13. Crew Cut

Another classic haircut that has prevailed and continues to trend is the crew cut. The top is cropped, and the sides and rare tapered to a fade.

15. Low Fade

The haircut starts slightly above the ears. The sides and back are faded from the temple and backward to the nape. The top can then be styled just as you see above.

16. Man Bun

Get that Hollywood star looks with the man bun. What’s more? You don’t need to go to the stylist for this one. But if you want yours to look like the one above, you’ll have to see a stylist.

17. Textured Fringe

The fringe hairstyle can’t be left out. The sides are shaved close to the skin, blended perfectly with the textured top, and then the fringes lay on the forehead.

18. Two Block Cut

Fans of K-pop will love this one. The two-block haircut is of Korean origin and has become popular. It looks good on straight hair.

19. Fade With Hard Part

The variety of faded haircuts keeps us in a constant state of amazement. The fade with a hard part is a bold haircut that leaves the right impression. Throw in a beard, and you won’t regret it.

20. Butch Cut

This haircut looks both professional and casual. A scissor is used to work the top, sides, and back to give you a neat trim that makes your hair a nice touch of suave.

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