20 Haircuts For Men With Thick Hair

Thick hair is something guys who have it cherish so much. From the volume to the lush, you can do just about anything a guy can do with his hair when styling.

Guys with thick hair must choose the right haircut that correctly highlights their facial and gender features. So, we have carefully chosen a list of recommended haircuts for men with thick hair.

1. The Quiff

It’s right to say that the quiff was made for guys with thick hair, from what we have above. The up-and-flow-back motion of the quiff makes for a great and decent haircut.

2. Pompadour

While it works well for guys with thinning hair, it works even better for guys with thick hair. The classic pompadour doesn’t go wrong at all!

3. Wavy Taper

You don’t like the sides and back of your hair reduced t the skin? Not to worry, this wavy taper cut might be the answer you need. The naturally thick hair is expertly worked with scissors to produce this great style.

4. Thick Curls With Highlights

Curls are also great when thick and luxuriant. The highlights on a few strands of hair on top make it even sexier. The sides and rear are tapered to a fade to complete this haircut.

5. Brushed-Up Taper

Match your collectedness with a calm and subtle haircut. This simple haircut is a great match for those looking for something less prominent.

6. Front Swept Bangs

Flaunt your thick hair with this hairstyle. Most of the attention is taken to the top of the hair, where the bangs work their magic. The sides and rear are faded for a cool finish.

7. Faux Hawk With a Beard

When combined with a beard, the popular faux hawk is so pleasing to look at. It’s stylish and, as you can see, works quite well on thick hair.

8. Mid Fade

Let’s not forget the mid-fade. Guys love the fade haircuts and the mid-fade–it works with all face shapes.

9. Combed Hard Part With Fade

A hard part, either to the right or left, often results in a haircut like the one above. The faded sides add to the beauty of this hairstyle. A medium-hold hair product is used to hold the style in place.

10. Curly Top With Tapered Sides

Men with naturally thick curly hair can try this out. The selling point of this style is how it tames the hair but leaves enough on top to retain the hair volume.

11. Wavy Top Crop With Fade

This hairstyle is for gentlemen who want less volume on top but with enough defining texture. The haircut is cool and can serve you in casual and professional settings.

12. Low Fade

Why not show off your thick locks with this fine haircut? The sides and rear are faded low, leaving the top a bit high and in all its glory.

13. French Crop

Still, on short haircuts, we present the French Crop. If you have thick straight hair, go for this. The texture on top works its way to the front, while the sides are low enough to leave you looking classy.

14. Thick, Wavy Mullet

The mullet has made a grand comeback, and many guys are trying it out. You can play with the mullet with different hair types, and when it comes to a Mullet, the thicker your hair, the better!

15. Swept Back Wavy Hairstyle

Let’s not let those wavy strands lay on your head without looking good. Try this style and sweep your wavy hair back with a sufficient amount of hair-holding product.

16. Tousled Thick Hair

This particular style lets you get messy but in a way that highlights the crisp and edgy features of your thick hair.

17. The Undercut

Apart from being a trendy haircut, the undercut has various styles that You can pull off on thick hair. One of these styles is what you see above. A perfectly trimmed beard certainly adds to the beauty of the hairstyle.

18. Layered Top With Fade

The top is layered with a pair of scissors to produce a fine texture. On the other hand, the sides and rear are faded. Transition smoothly from the sides to the top of the hair.

19. Crew Cut With Fade

Crew Cut With Fade
By: @amneekh

Because of the popularity of faded haircuts, many men now go for a crew cut with faded sides. It doesn’t take up much time to style.

20. Long Hair

Long Hair
By: @edw_de

Why not grow your hair long and neat? If you’re fine with this, you must remember that your hair won’t look great if you take care of it the wrong way. If you want to tweak things a little, have your barber give you an undercut and leave the top at its full length.

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