20 Short Haircuts For Men With Thin Hair

Some men find themselves with thin hair and have a hard time choosing the right haircut. Are you in this category? Well, whether it’s because your hair has gotten thin as you aged or because you’ve always had thin hair, relax! You can look your best. All you need is the right haircut that suits you. Thin hair isn’t the end of the road on the journey to look good.

We have carefully selected 20 haircuts for men with thin hair. These haircuts provide perfect fittings that are stylish and cool for thinning hair.

1. Natural Taper With Wavy Top

This casual haircut is easy to manage. It starts with a taper that slowly descends to the sides and rear of the head. You are left with a well-defined wavy top.

2. Subtle Drop Fade

Neat and smooth, coupled with a trendy style, comes with this haircut. First, you get a fade with the top left lengthy. The top is finished with a side part that gives a classy look.

3. Slicked Back With Fade

Some consider this retro. But it’s still fashionable for men with thin hair. For additional elegance, a fade is added on the sides of the head. It might look simple, but it does the job of making you look good.

4. Side Swept Fringe

Now some men love to have a haircut with a fringe—this one is for you. Whether tamed or left loose, the uniqueness of this style coupled with the fringe gives the hair a fullness that will give you satisfaction.

5. Cropped Curls With Fade

Here you have the classic fade with a little twist ( pun intended). The sides and rear of the head are trimmed to a fade that leaves you with cropped curly twists on top.

6. Side Swept High Fade

You must admit that a fade always looks good, even on those with thin hair. How about donning a fade with the top swept to the side? This haircut is tidy and goes well with a cool beard.

7. Brushed Up Fade

Don’t get tired of the fades. This style can be a fantastic look that attracts excellent compliments. The slightly textured top is brushed up from the rear to the front.

8. Slicked Back Taper

You can remain stylish with this, either in a casual setting or a professional setting. The hair is tapered on the sides and back of the head, and the long top is neatly slicked backward with a generous amount of gel.

9. Blow Back Taper

It’s all about the top on this one. The sides and the rear of the hair are tapered, leaving the top in all its glory. As the name implies, the top is left in a blow-back.

10. Slicked Back Precision Cut

Do you already have wavy hair? Why not just slick it back? This style fits those with moderately long hair. You can also leave your hair to grow a little to achieve this style.

11. Pompadour

Now you might think this won’t work for those with thin hair. Well, with the right Barber, the Pompadour haircut can leave you looking Incredible.

12. Crew-Cut

By: @jhzara

You probably don’t want a lot going on with your hair. Fair enough, what you need is a Crewcut. With well-textured hair, this haircut leaves you with a simple and easy-to-manage style.

13. Buzz-Cut

And yet another for those who opt for “simple style” haircuts. Get this style with a neatly trimmed beard for a refined finish.

14. Bald Head

Don’t be too hasty to dismiss this. Granted, it won’t look good on just anyone. The reason is that the shape of the head can determine if this style gives way to a total disaster or a fabulous look like that of Dwayne Johnson.

15. Spiky and Textured

Those with tightly curled hair can work it to the desired finish. Textured hair can be styled into irregular spikes that look nice. A high fade combined with it looks good as well.

16. Scissor Crop

With enough hair on the top and sides, this style works well for those with thin hair. Style with a side part if you so wish.

17. Brushed Back Skin Fade

As you can see, this is a sublime style that looks good on men with thin hair. The haircut comes with a combination of skin fade and a little blow-up for added suave. A cool beard like the one above can look good on you.

18. Scissor Cut

The classic scissor cut also comes in handy when looking for haircuts for thin hair. You might want to try this haircut out with a nice beard.

19. Side Part Fade

Fades come to the rescue when you have thin hair. Try this haircut with a side part nicely styled with a decent amount of pomade for a glossy look.

20. Mid-Part Taper

Parted in the middle and tapered on the sides and rear, the top can be styled to a backward flow.

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