20 Haircuts For Oval Face Men

Men with oval faces have a gift. This gift is the ability to choose any hairstyle and not have to worry about not looking stunning. It is nature’s gift to you; you should own it with pride. There are varieties of awesome haircuts you can choose from.

Keep it real and sexy with these 20 haircuts we have chosen for men with oval faces. Take your time and choose what works for you but know this; whatever haircut you pick will be worth it.

1. Wavy Top

A good hairstylist has all it takes to help you look incredible with a wavy haircut. Some men might have naturally wavy hair texture and wonder what to do with it; well, here’s your answer!

2. Colored Hair With Fade

Stand out in a crowd with a hair tint. With this style, you get to choose from an array of colors. And what’s more? It’ll look good with an oval face.

3. Taper Fade

A perfect blend of a taper and some fading can create an artistic wonder. It might not seem like much, but it provides the right look that suits a business or casual setting.

4. Layered Cut

For most men, hair volume is a must, and a layered cut like this one can give just that. With enough care and skills, a stylist layer the hair with a pair of scissors and finishes with a hair product to maintain the volume.

5. Side Swept Cut

How about a side-swept haircut for a fantastic look? If done right, this haircut can boost your self-confidence. The sides are tapered to allow more attention to the top hair.

6. Slicked Back

Even if it gets windy, your hair will surely stay in place. A hair-holding product like a pomade or hair clay can effectively hold down your hair in the preferred style.

7. Brushed Back Fade

Show off your oval face, and don’t feel bad about it. You can combine a trendy haircut like the brushed-back Fade with face stubble that won’t hide the oval feature of your face.

8. Quiff

Thick hair is an essential part of having a good quiff haircut. The sides and rear are faded, and the top is styled in a quiff.

9. Pompadour

You can go for tapered sides or faded sides. Keep in mind that either of these options will still turn out to be stunning.

10. Combed Over Hard Part

Have you ever tried a style like this before? It’s a guaranteed haircut for a gorgeous look on any man with an oval face.

11. Faux Hawk

Here, we have one of the various styles of the faux hawk available. The spiky top has an edge that makes the haircut more of an excitement to look at.

12. French Crop

This hairstyle is an excellent selection for men with oval faces searching for a short haircut. The French Crop features a textured top and faded sides in perfect symmetry.

13. Crew Cut

Another equally excellent choice for those looking for something short is the crew cut. It’s a low-maintenance haircut and can serve all occasions.

14. Fringe Cut

Does this style tickle your fancy? It sure does, for most guys, anyway. The fringe lays on the forehead, and the sides and back are tapered to a neat fade.

15. Undercut

Volume on top and shorter hair on the sides makes for a dashing undercut. A hair-holding product like wax or pomade is applied to maintain the sleek style of the top strands.

16. Buzz Cut

Buzzing your entire hair in an even trim will give you a simple appearance. The buzz cut can also include a fade on the sides and rear of your head.

17. Man bun With Fade

Long hair tied in a bun accentuates the oval face. Kick it up a notch and get the sides faded, and the resulting style would be a man bun with a fade like the one above.

18. Mid Fade

The top hair is left a few inches long, and the sides and rear are faded, starting at the eyebrows level. It is stylish, and you can combine a short beard with this haircut if you choose to.

19. Medium Length Wavy Hair

You can embrace the natural wavy texture of your hair and keep it at a medium length. Wavy hair requires adequate care so ensure that you have a good haircare routine and always please condition your hair.

20. Mid Part

The hair is split right in the middle and parted sideways. The difference between a mid-part and a side-part is simple.

Contrary to a mid-part, one part is bigger than the other ( to the left or the right) in the side-part. You can achieve this style without much hassle.

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