20 Haircuts For Round Face Men

Don’t think for a second that round face won’t have you looking handsome with a super cool haircut. Ignore the stereotypes you’ve probably heard about men with round faces not being able to find hairstyles that fit.

We want you to look and, importantly, feel your nicest because you deserve to! So, we have taken it upon ourselves to create this article that contains 20 haircuts for men with round faces.

These haircuts can help you make a bold and lasting statement anywhere.
Check these haircuts out.

1. Short Fade

Are you keeping it simple? Well, you might like this one. This short fade haircut is not only simple but requires very low maintenance. As you can see, the sides and rear of the head have been lowered to a neat fade.

2. Classic Pompadour

This haircut still trends as one of the popular haircuts for men. Pompadour requires a bit of long hair on top to pull off, so Your hair can slick it back. A clean fade makes it look more modern.

3. Slicked Back Taper

A casual and streamlined haircut like this one looks good on Round-faced men. The haircut begins with a taper that works its way from the sides to the back. The top is then slicked back with hair pomade for a shiny look.

4. Fade With Fringe

You can never go wrong with fringes; it fits all face types. The fade allows the top fringe to steal the attention while hanging over the forehead.

5. Fade With Full Beard

Change your look entirely with a full beard and the classic fade. The beard is neatly groomed and does a very good job of keeping the round face from being noticed.

6. Caesar Cut

One thing that makes the Caesar cut unique is its simplicity. Not only is it an awesome short haircut, but it also looks good on men with round faces. A short beard won’t go wrong with this cut.

7. Curly Top Fade

Men with curly hair texture should not ignore this cut. However, you must maintain a proper curly hair care routine to get the best out of this haircut.

8. Full Volume Curls

Curly with volume is another favorite hairstyle that looks good on men who don’t like attention going to their round faces. As with any curly hairstyle, keep it well-moisturized to maintain the look.

9. French Crop

Let’s get some layered haircut, shall we? The French Crop with a neat beard can take your drip to the next level.

10. Skin Shave With a Beard

You can pull off an intense look with this style. Men who are going bald can try this one out. What could go wrong?

11. Curly Bangs

When curls meet bangs, the result is what you see above. Bangs always add texture, so if you’re looking for a textured haircut, you should consider this a work of art.

12. Messy Waves

Get messy with your long hair, and try out this look. Don’t let that long hair go to waste; let it hang freely and sweep to the sides.

13. Man Bun With Beards

The man bun is a popular haircut, and adding a beard to compliment this style is truly wonderful. You don’t have to grow a long beard; keep it neat and short if you wish.

14. Scissor Cut

Whether professional or casual, the scissor cut has got you covered. The layering on top adds more volume making it perfect for those looking for more hair volume.

15. Swept Back Fade

Hats off to the stylist that brought this cut to be. What you see here should clear up any reservations about the swept-back fade. The contrast between the top and sides of the head makes this one of the best haircuts for round-faced men.

16. The Undercut

How about getting an undercut? The sides of your head are shaved close to the skin, leaving the top hanging. You can either brush it backward or take it to the side.

17. Drop Fade With Hard Part

Looks great, right? The hard part on top provides the right distraction and is great for round faces. Then there’s the drop fade; just perfect!

18. Tight Curls Fade

Blow minds away work this tight curly top fade—another chance to show off your sweet natural curls.

19. Textured Taper

If you don’t like a fade but would still want reduced sides, go for a textured taper haircut. The sides and rear are tapered, and the top is textured with a texturizing scissor.

20. The Quiff

Finally, we bring you the quiff. The top gets all the attention, with the sides tapered to a fade. Keep the top firmly in place with some hair products, and go about your day looking fresh.

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