20 Haircuts For Wavy Hair Men

There hasn’t been a time when wavy hair has been in vogue more than in our present time. Many guys want a haircut that fits perfectly with their wavy hair texture.

Are you looking for the right haircut for your wavy hair? Well, you’re going to love what we have prepared for you! Here we have a list of stunning haircuts that are not just popular and modern but also perfect for wavy hair.

1. Medium Length With Volume

First on the list is this absolute beauty. No matter your hair color, this style will look good on you. Let your hair hang freely on the sides and back.

2. High Skin Fade With Wavy Top

Another spectacular haircut is this one right here. The sides and back are reduced to the skin, leaving the wavy top in sharp contrast.

3. Long Wavy Hair

Long Wavy Hair
By: @vic4982

Lots of guys are letting their hair grow long. It’s gorgeous and doesn’t require frequent visits to a hairstylist. Jason Mamoa truly proves that this hairstyle can have you looking sexy.

4. Mid Fade With Highlights on Top

You can look and feel your absolute best with a few highlights on the top strands of your wavy hair. The haircut begins with a mid-fade, slightly above the eyebrows. Then the top is finished with blonde highlights applied to a few strands of hair.

5. Drop Fade

Nothing says “modern” more than a Fade as long as men’s haircuts are concerned. The drop fade is a variant of faded haircuts that begins just above the ears but is not taken up. As you can see above, it’s classy.

6. Temple Fade

Feast your eyes on this fascinating work of art on your screen. The temple fade haircut is on the list of trendy haircuts for men with wavy hair.

7. Slicked Back Wavy Top

Do you need something smooth and stylish? Try the slicked-back wavy top with a fade. The top wavy strands of hair can stay in place thanks to a sufficient amount of pomade. It doesn’t just hold the hair; it also gives it a glossy finish.

8. Tapered Wavy Top

All it takes to look like a perfect gentleman is a great haircut. We have one of the haircuts that gets the job done here. The sides and rear are tapered, and the top wavy top is styled to a nice finish.

9. Wavy Mohawk

The Mohawk style has undergone several tweaking over the years; one of these improvements is what you see above. Not only is this haircut modern, but it’s also great on wavy hair.

10. Wavy Top Undercut

Undercut works out on all hair types; as you can see, it can give you an intense look. The sides and back are shaved high and down to the skin. The top is swept backward or to the sides.

11. Wavy Mullet

Some might think a mullet haircut only looks good on guys with tight curly hair. That’s not entirely true. A mullet haircut also looks great on guys with wavy hair, and you can see it yourself.

12. Mid Part Wavy Top

Have people steal a glance at you with this incredible haircut. Parting the hair in the middle and faded sides are the main things it takes to achieve this haircut. Hair spray is worked through the hair for a fine finish.

13. Caesar Cut

All hail the classic and simply unique Caesar cut. This simple haircut is perfect for guys who want a wavy haircut that doesn’t need much maintenance but looks great.

14. Wavy Shags

Wavy shags provide the right layering if you’re looking for more volume due to thinning hair. It’s also a good haircut for men with wavy hair who want a less prominent forehead.

15. Combed Over Wavy Top

Don’t you love the movement of this style? You deserve something luxuriant, and this haircut offers that. The Fade helps bring out the top hair’s beauty.

16. Man Bun

This haircut is for guys who want to try some fades but, at the same time, don’t want to lose their long hair.

17. Disconnected Fade With Wavy Top

Why not try the disconnected Fade with your wavy hair? Many guys find that a nearly trimmed beard goes well with this haircut. Why not try it out?

18. Tousled Wavy Hair

There is a way to turn what might seem messy into something eye-catching. Tousled wavy hair can look terrific and classy when done right.

19. Wavy Quiff

Exert some dominance with the wavy quiff. This haircut is also one of the most sought-after styles for men.

20. Hard Part Fade

This style is like the classic fade haircut. The only distinctive feature is the hard parting on top. A dime size of pomade is used to hold the hair in place.

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