30 Haircuts For Young Men

Living your best life as a young man is important, and it would help if you also kept your good look with a great haircut.

It doesn’t need to be challenging for a young man to pick the right haircut. Young guys have an advantage over older men who might suffer from receding hairlines or going bald. As a young fellow, your hair is still in its blooming days.

That said, check out this list of 30 Haircuts For young men worth looking at.

1. Hair Highlights

The choice of hair color and length of hair is entirely yours to decide. You can also choose to have the sides and rear faded or not. A style like this is trending on the chart for young men’s haircuts.

2. Mohawk

Define your fierce personality with a haircut that possesses the ability to be intense. This style keeps standing tall, and young guys aren’t overlooking it.

3. Faux Hawk

More like a sibling to the Mohawk haircut, a Faux Hawk is very popular. The hair on each side of the head is lowered, and the top strands can be styled as chosen.

4. Short Curls

Fairly easy to style and maintain. A young man of any ethnicity can either wear natural curls or make their hair curly. If you don’t have natural curls, a good stylist can help you get them.

5. Pompadour

Pack so volume up top with a classic pompadour. A Pompadour haircut is a good option for guys who want hair volume only on top. The sides and rear are tapered to a fade.

6. Bleached Hair

This style is edgy and daring. Are you a fan of these two things? Then this hairstyle is made for you. It would help if you let a professional stylist do the hair bleaching. That way, it will be safer.

7. Corn Rows

Braid your long hair and show it off in gorgeous corn rows. Throw in some faded sides, and you’ll look nothing other than fresh!

8. Dreadlock Twists

You can wear it at medium length or long lengths. One styling session can last several weeks before you’ll need another trip to the stylist. It’s neat as well.

9. Wavy Hair

Those with naturally wavy hair texture can have the sides and rear tapered to a fade. This style is sexy and popular.

10. Curly Bangs

Let your curls grow to your shoulder level or thereabouts. The trick is to keep the curls well-moisturized.

11. Straight Long Hair

Straight Long Hair
By: @gab.v97

You can also grow your straight hair and let the locks hang freely. Neat facial hair won’t be bad.

12. Surfer Hair Look

Surfer Hair Look
By: @fran.ws

Create a flair with the fun surfer hair look. It won’t have you running around looking for ways to style it. It’s a low-maintenance style.

13. Carved Design

Hair stylists are creative with an imagination that can blow your mind. The style above is one of the artistic wonders of skillful stylists.

14. Tousled Waves

Do you like what you see? Some call it “bedhead,” while others call it messy; we call it a beauty. A slight scrunch with your fingers will result in tousled waves.

15. Man Bun

Look stylish with your long hair tied in a bun. That’s about all you need, but if you wish to have the sides faded, it will look nice.

16. Pink Hair

This hairstyle will have stares coming your way for sure. Of course, you don’t have to limit your choice to the color above. There are other hair colors you can play with.

17. Undercut

Straight, curly, and wavy hair textures are all suitable for an undercut. The length of the top hair can be left a few inches long or very long.

18. Two Block Cut

Arguably the most trendy Asian haircut, this haircut has all it takes to turn necks. It derives its name from the distinctive feature of the neatly trimmed top, reduced sides, and back.

19. Taper Fade

Nowadays, it’s all about the trend, and guys with a deep love for the trends can try this style. Currently, a taper fade is trendy, and many young men are going for it.

20. Short Twists

Afro twists are also popular. And it’s increasingly being adopted as an alternative style to dreads by some. For additional aesthetics, you can do a fade on the sides.

21. Temple Fade With Beard

On its own, a temple fade looks nice. But when you mix it with a beard, it turns out to be truly spectacular.

22. The Quiff

It’s right to say that the quiff was made for guys with thick hair. The up-and-flow-back motion of the quiff makes for a great and decent haircut.

23. Spiky Top

About two to three inches of hair on top should be enough to complete this style. You can achieve hair spikes with the help of hair gel.

24. Layered Hairstyle

With the sides tapered, a stylist uses a pair of scissors to layer the top hair. Doing so will give the hair volume on top.

25. Slicked Back Skin Fade

This simple style features a skin fade on the sides and rear. The top hair is slicked back with hair pomade.

26. Side Part

A side part usually features a fade; despite what you might think, it doesn’t require much effort.

27. Combed Over Hard Part

Have you ever tried a style like this before? It’s a guaranteed haircut for a gorgeous look on any man with a young face.

28. French Crop

This hairstyle is an excellent choice for young men searching for a short haircut. The French Crop features a textured top and faded sides in perfect symmetry.

29. Crew Cut

Another equally excellent choice for those looking for something short is the crew cut. It’s a low-maintenance haircut and can serve all occasions.

30. Fringe Cut

Does this style tickle your fancy? It sure does, for most guys, anyway. The fringe lays on the forehead, and the sides and back are tapered to a neat fade.

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