30 Low Haircuts For Black Men

Black men with freshly cut hair always look dapper. A haircut can say quite a lot about a man’s personality and style.

Every man–black men included–deserves to look great. Wearing the right haircut helps a man look his best. While there are high, medium, and low haircuts for black men, we will focus on low haircuts in this article.

For this reason, we have selected 30 low haircuts for black men.

1. 360 waves

The 360 waves haircut has been around for a long time and hasn’t intended to go anywhere. The style is stylishly cool.

2. Burst Fade

Buzzed sides give the head a fresh and tidy look. Throw in a Goatee, and let it showcase your manliness.

3. 360 Waves With Fade

Still on the waves, why not have the sides faded? It will blend nicely with the top and get you those admiring stares.

4. Curls With Low Fade

Black men also have curls, which can be satisfying when it’s worked correctly. One of these lovely looks is what you see above.

5. Taper Fade

Nowadays, it’s all about the trend, and guys with a deep love for the trends can try this style. Currently, a taper fade is trendy, and many men are going for it.

6. Short Twists

Afro twists are also popular. And it’s increasingly being adopted as an alternative style to dreads by some. For additional aesthetics, a fade can be done on the sides.

7. Temple Fade With Beard

On its own, a temple fade looks nice. But when you mix it with a beard, it turns out to be something truly spectacular.

8. Color on Top

This style is for you if you’re comfortable applying color to your hair. The tint is done only on the top strand, while the sides and rear are reduced to a fade.

9. Short Classic Fade

It’s short; it’s classy, and it’s a fade. This haircut won’t have you wasting time when styling it.

10. High Fade

A great haircut is capable of great things. This high fade will have you looking handsome effortlessly.

11. Twists With Highlights

Another haircut that features hair coloring is the twists with highlights on top. The choice of color is completely up to you, but you can go for the one you see above.

12. Buzz Cut

It’s as popular as it is good-looking. And it can feature a variety of fade styles. Of course, a beard wouldn’t be a bad addition to this style.

13. Short Afro Fade

Take on the might and fullness of your natural afro. This haircut makes a statement that matters, and the fades are to die for!

14. Afro Faux Hawk

There are variants of the faux hawk hairstyle available to men. One of them is the afro variant, and it does a great job of looking dashing.

15. Short Curls

Black men can wear short curls with a fade on the sides and rear or without fades. If you decide to go with a fade, we suggest you go for a tapered fade.

16. Short Sponge Twists

A good barber can pull this style off. And guess what? You don’t need a head full of long hair to achieve this style.

17. Classic Fade With Hard Part

The defining feature that makes this haircut unique is the sharp Part. It emphasizes the fade with the right intensity.

18. Curly Fade With Hard Part

Still, on intensity, the curly top fade with a hard part is another option to explore. The thick nature of your hair is useful for this style to achieve its full potential.

19. Sponge Twists With High Fade

This time, we bring you this sublime beauty disguised as a haircut. The high fade allows all the attention to be focused on the top sponge twists.

20. Afro Temple Fade

The thick hair is combed to be uniform, and a clipper is used to trim a few poking hairs. The hair on the temple is faded for a subtle fine finish.

21. Clean Shave With Beard

This style is best suited for guys who are already getting bald. It allows these men to try an entirely new look and feel fresh and comfortable with getting bald.

22. Buzz Cut With Skin Fade

As we mentioned earlier, a buzz cut can feature a variety of fades. One of them is what we have here; a buzz cut with a skin fade.

23. Waves With Goatee

To look smart and classy doesn’t have to take much to pull off. This haircut proves that.

24. Buzz Cut With Design

A simple design combined with a buzz cut can take you’re A-game to a new level of awesomeness. It has all it takes to get you started on the journey of looking handsome.

25. Hook Part

You can boost your confidence level with a proper haircut. One haircut that can achieve the level of confidence you want is what is right here.

26. Short Slicked Back

This style needs a hair-holding product to hold the hair in place. The sides and rear are tapered slightly, and the beard is neatly trimmed and lined up.

27. Loose Afro Curls

Another curly haircut to try out is the one in the picture above. The texture of the loose curls makes this one a favorite.

28. Side Part Skin Fade

Men of African descent can embrace their rich and unique afro hair by trying a haircut like this. It’s a distinguishing feature that is unique to you only.

29. Afro Mohawk

The Mohawk is trendy and black men can rock this haircut. It’s cool and well-suited for those looking for a bold look.

30. Low Fade

And the last haircut on this list is the low fade. It is as subtle as it is unique and serves as a haircut for all occasions.

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