Popular New Men’s Hairstyles 2018

It is 2018 and these are the popular men’s hairstyles! Take a look at our top 10 best new hairstyles for the men!

In 2018, the new, popular men’s hairstyles are going to revolve around the fade. This classic hairstyle for men has endured many style changes, but it is timeless and a classic style that is never getting old or going out. Why? Because it highlights you best features, gives your face structure and its clean cut looking.

So, take a look at the top 10 best and most popular new mens hairstyles for 2018 below.

Best 10 New Men’s Hairstyles For 2017

1. Short Fade Hairstylenew men hairstyles
2. The Burst Fade Mohawk Hairstylenew men's hairstyles
3. Double Fade Hairstyle
4. Double Fade Neckline
5. Messy Fade Hairstyle
6. Wavy Hairstyles For Men
7. Textured Pomp
8. Messy Side Part Hairstyles
9. Textured Fringe
10. Flat Top Pomp

More Mens Hairstyles Becoming Popular in 2018

Take a look at the new mens hairstyles that didn’t make the top 10 best for 2018!

The Sugical Line 1
and surgical line two

Undercut with Beard Haircut

Short Afro Hair with a Close Temple Fade  Curly Hair & the Temple FadeMan Bun Undercut FadeNeck Fade & Feather Hair DesignTextured Crop Hair

That’s all the popular and new mens hairstyles for 2018! Make sure to post these on pinterest and share with your friends.

Types of Fade Haircuts

The fade is a popular mens hairstyle, but it is usually combined with several other styles. Here are the types of fade haircuts you see today.

What are the types of fade haircuts?

1. Fade Buzz Cut

Close-cropped fade on the side blending into a short, cropped top.

2. Fade Flat Top

Close cropped on the sides, usually down to the skin or as short as a milimeter or two, blending into a short flat top.

3. High Fade

A fade that starts very short usually a millimeter, and goes all the way to the top partline. High fades are sometimes combined with a longer top including pompadours, for a more dramaitc look in terms of composition and transition.

4. Low Fade

Starts longer, usually 5 millimeters or more, and goes about halfway or less up the side of the head. Low fades are used on many haircuts including the simple part to the side, longer slicked back styles, pompadours, and other stylish looks. Low fades are often clean and neat without being dramatic or edgy.

5. Fade Pompadour

The pompadour fade is short on the sides rising to a moderately short top area and a much longer top that is styled up into a wavy rise on the top of the head. The top is always styled with a strong-hold product like pommade, or holding cream.

6. Long Fade

The long fade is a fade with much longer hair on top. The look is more dramatic and stylish than ther fades because of the contrast in lenght. It is chosen by those who want to stick out or make a statement. It’s also a good choice for someone with accentuated features. It can have either a low or high fade in shorter or longer varieties. It usually starts with either very short, close cropped hair around the neckline rising to the partline with very long hair on top. Or, longer hair around the neck and earline, rising to a longer faded area near the part.

7.   Fade Taper

In taper haircuts, the hair is cut in a fanned style. Shorter strands give way to longer strands resulting in a smooth transition. The tapering gives the hair depth and style. The tapered fade starts with a gradual fade that can be cropped right down close to the skin rising up to longerm tapered hair above the partline. Fade tapers have a smooth transition with no defining, hard lines.

8.   Slick Back Fade

Popular with younger men mostly, the slick back fade starts with either a low or high fade that can be cut close to the skin. it ends with longer hair slicked back straight and held in place with gel.

9. Combed Fade

The combed fade is a simple combed part hair cut that is medium to long in length with faded sides that can go as short as 1 milimeter or shaved.

10. High/Low Fades

High low fades combine two types of fades: high and low. The fades occur one on top of the other and can be combined with just about any other style.

11. Disconnected Fades

The popular disconnected or undercut look is often combined with a fade for a less striking and more fluid transition. The style is dramatic however, and can be highly stylish depending on how the fade is executed.

New Mens Hairstyles for 2018

It’s 2018. A brand new year, and that means with it, new hairstyles for men and women. This year is going to be no different than any other with a host of unique, stylish hair cuts men will really want to wear! For both him and her.

It’s no secret that women love a man with a sense of style, and hair is one of the most important aspects of your style guys! That’s because you wear it with everything! In fact, it is one of the most important factors women consider when deciding whether or not they want to date you. So, get ahead of the game. Take a look at the coming trends in fashion and hair this year and be the first to sport 2018’s best and most stylish haircuts!

Short Fade 2018

The short fade is going to be a popular men’s haircut in 2018! Back again, for a seemingly endless tour of duty, this haircut just never seems to go out of style. It’s been around since the 1920’s and even earlier. A simple hair cut, with closely cropped sides, usually by way of a size 1-4 trimmer attachment, and then cut shorter on top, giving a tight, neat and clean look that she’ll love. Plus, it’s easy to manage, a perfect haircut for guys who have little time to mess with their hair in the morning. Just brush quickly, throw in some forming cream as product, and go. You have a look that lasts throughout the day and requires little restyling and low-fuss–even if you plan to go right out that night from work.

Look for a few adaptations of this evergreen stylish cut for men in 2018 including more use if highlighting, colors, and shorter sideburns than in past years. These cuts will also feature higher fade-lines and more styling around the hairlines, but you can simply make yours per-usual, with little extra styling and you’ll still look great this year. Plus, you can cut down on trips to the barber.

Undercut (Disconnect) Styles in 2018

The Undercut or Disconnect hairstyle gained in popularity last year, as many high-profile artists and celebrity sports stars got this haircut. The Undercut or Disconnect as it is sometimes called, is shaved close, nearly to the skin, all the down and around starting at a straight part-line on one side.

The top is usually left much longer and can be styled in many ways. This year promises to bring new undercuts to the fold, playing a bigger part in styles this year (did you catch the pun? it was a good one). We’ll see more of the messy top undercuts, straight and long undercuts, colored and streaked, and pompadour.

The Messy Look

The messy look lost some momentum in 2017, as tastes moved towards a cleaner, more defined presntation with clear boundaries.

However, in 2018, we may see more of the messy look, as people tire of the defined (as they always do) and push boundaries. Look for undercut messy,  and even fade messy looks to be the hair cuts in style for 2018.

Fade Hairstyles

The fade is another timeless classic. While not as in vogue last year as other cuts like the disconnect, it probably will make a come

back in 2018. The straight fade, high fade, and fade with lines are set to be in style once again. Get yours and stay ahead of the trends. High fades are similar to the undercut but leave a little more transition line, so they aren’t as drastic.


Tapered Cuts

Tapered hairstyles are set to be popular again in 2018. The taper is a great choice for those with thinner hair, and those who want a longer look without the hassle of dealing with a lot of long hair. Tapers thin the hair at points creating a fan-like visual that gives your hair extra depth and style. You can use simple gel, hair spray or product to style it.

Short tapers, high tapers, and bang taper hairstyles are very likely to be the most popular going into 2018.

Pompadour Hairstyles for 2018


The pompadour is a great style if you can pull it off, and this year many will try. It’s not easy to maintain, but the pomp can really give your look an



overhaul and add instant flare to your style. It often gives your face a lift and helps accentuate features.


Just be warned, these cuts are not for the faint of heart, they take time and patience to style each morning. So, be prepared for some extra work to keep your pompadour haircut looking right!



There will be some unique and innovative takes on each style. Combination styles like the pompadour fade, and pompadour undercut will be popular, extreme hairstyles. You can also count on some more moderate styles like the fade and part, and the taper part to be among the styles you’ll see this year. Go out and make your own style and get noticed.