20 Popular Haircuts For Men

Every man deserves to look fantastic, and it is a fundamental right that cuts across race, background, and identity. But did you know? One proven way to look good as a man starts with your haircut. It’s 2022, and these haircuts keep getting better.

Many haircuts have gained much-deserved popularity. This popularity is mainly because of their easy maintenance or trendy nature, And we have identified 20 of these popular haircuts just for you.

Check them out below and discover styles that are in vogue and will leave a lasting impression on those you meet.

1. The Quiff

Men who don’t mind having longer hair slightly on top can go for this one. One thing we love about the quiff haircut is the volume your hair would have. Brush it upward or backward, and you’ll look great.

2. Skin Mid Fade

It’s all about the blend on this one. The sides and rear are given a clean shave and gradually worked into a fade in a perfect blend. The top is textured for a cool finish.

3. Short Afro Fade

Black men are not left out, and this short haircut for black men is simple but unique. It doesn’t require much maintenance, and what’s more, you get to rock your afro.

4. Temple Fade

The fades are highly popular, and they come in varieties. One variety is the temple fade you see above. As the name suggests, the temple is faded neatly to distinguish between the temple and other parts of the head.

5. 360 Waves Fade

And yet another haircut for black men. Some might think this haircut is out of style, but it is still trending. Get a good barber, and they will make it work for you.

6. Pompadour

A classic that has survived the test of time, the pompadour has never gone out of style. Whether you choose to go for the short or the long pompadour, you’ll look bold.

7. Faux Hawk

With this haircut, there is no limit to how much rocking and rolling you will do. The Faux hawk also works for men who want a less prominent big forehead.

8. Highlights On Top

Choose a color and highlight the top of your hair in a few strands. You can do this style on textured or curly top haircuts. The choice of color highlight is yours to make.

9. Drake-Inspired Cornrows

This style works not only for black men. It also works for Latinos, Asian and Caucasian men. You might consider this if you have long hair and want a hairstyle that won’t take up much time.

10. Long Hair With a Fade

The creativity with long hair in men’s hairstyles is versatile. Here we have long hair with a fade and the long top tied in a man large bun.

11. High Undercut

Get an undercut and sweep it to the back. This hairstyle can look incredible on men with medium-length to long hair.

12. Buzz Cut

Granted, some men prefer something really simple with little or no need for maintenance. Go about your busy day without the worries associated with haircuts that require maintenance to look good.

13. Curly Top Fade

Men with curly hair, this one is for you. Look your best with this neat mid fade with the curly top looking shiny. You can achieve this look with a good stylist and a proper curly haircare routine.

14. Tousled Waves

Many men have decided to create something truly spectacular with their messy hair. The result is the tousled hairstyle that combines “messy” with making a bold statement.

15. Slicked Back Taper

Not a fan of the fades? Then you might love this cut. The sides and rear are tapered down, leaving the top long to be slicked back for a streamlined finish.

16. Fringe

The fringe haircut can be swept backward or forward. Most men will opt for a drop fade with fringes, while others prefer the mid fade.

17. Fade With a Hard Part

The possibilities offered by the fades never cease to amaze us. Here we have the classic fade with a perfectly pronounced hard part on top.

18. Dreadlock Twists

Trendy and eye-catching deadlock twists are popular too. The one you see above is only one of the many styles you can achieve with dreads.

19. Crew Cut

Another classic haircut that has prevailed and continues to trend is the crew cut. Have the top cropped and the sides and rare tapered to a fade.

20. French Crop

French Crop
By: @pancruu

Last but not least, we have the French Crop. The top is textured with strands of hair lying on the forehead in a neat trim. The sides and rear aren’t left out, as they are given a neat fade. This haircut (same as the others) goes well with a beard.

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