20 Short Haircuts For Curly Hair Men

You might have a lot of curls up there on your head, and now all you want to do is something extraordinary with those curls of yours. Having curly hair gives you the chance to try on several haircuts that can have you look your best! As you’ve already deduced, we bring you 20 short haircuts for men with curly hair. These haircuts are superb and can have you looking and feeling fresh.

Well, let’s get on with it so you can feast your eyes on these hairstyles.

1. Side Part Curls

Parting your hair to the right or the left side goes well with curls. With the sides and rear tapered down to a fade and a neatly trimmed full beard, you will look fantastic. If you want, you can grow a short beard with this hairstyle.

2. Messy Curls

Thick curls work best with this haircut. Harness the power of those curls in all their “weight and glory.” The curls can be left lying around your head.

3. Tapered Scissor Cut

Texture and taper are the two T’s that bring this haircut to life. But a scissor crop applied to the textured style brings out the charm a gentleman should have.

4. Fade With Highlighted Curls

Fans of dyed hair will love this one. Get the classic fade and dye the curly top in a light color highlight. Add a beard to this haircut, and thank me later. Of course, the color choice is not limited to the one you see here.

5. Mid-Fade Curls

Mid fade looks good on just about any hair type. It doesn’t matter what shape of face you’ve got because this style will take your haircut game to the next level.

6. High Fade With Curls

High fades mixed with curly twists look both modern and mature. Let the curls lie down on your forehead if you wish. You will find that it adds to the already great look.

7. Undercut with Curls

The undercut has always been a trendy haircut for men who love to go with the trend. Get a neat undercut and leave the top curly hair.

8. Front Swept Curls With Fade

Get adventurous with those curls of yours and try this haircut. The fade distinguishes between the front swept curls and the cleanly faded sides and rear.

9. Textured Curls

Hair texture products come in handy for a haircut like this very one. Keep the hair short, and enjoy this look that is both professional and simple.

10. Curly Fringe

You might want to leave those curls a little bit lengthy. Have more volume on top and style the curls with added fringe.

11. Thin Curls Fade

Men with big foreheads can take advantage of this popular style. This haircut can go well either with an undercut or a mid fade. Have your stylist tell you which fits your head shape better.

12. Temple Fade with Curls

Leave the curls short and thick. The temple is faded to give a sharp contrast to the curls. This one is for the fellas who want to look youthful and mature.

13. Curly Shag

We are aware that some might prefer a little volume on the sides. Curly shag might be what you have been looking for. The thick curls give an overall volume to your hair for a much fuller look.

14. Curled Mullet

Want a taste of the mullet? Your curly hair shouldn’t stop you. For a more contemporary look, the temple fade is applied. With this haircut, you’ll look fresh, like you’ve just been unwrapped.

15. Drop Fade with Curls

I, for one, love this one right here. The drop fade works so well with the curls on top, and it is truly spectacular. You have the option of adding a light color ( gold works fine) highlight on top.

16. Choppy Curls

Let’s get choppy! Choppy goes well with curls, and the result is what you see above. It might look messy, but at the same time, it looks gorgeous.

17. Skin Fade With Tight Curls

Give your curls more intensity with this haircut. The skin fade allows the top tight curls to be prominently intense.

18. Side Swept Curls

Easy-to-fix up, and ready-to-go hairstyles are desired by many. The side-swept curls hairstyle gives you just that.

19. Cropped Curls

Go blonde with this one. If you’re blonde already, then even better. The dividing line by the side makes this haircut look extra super, and don’t forget the shiny top curls.

20. Tousled Curls

Luxuriance and curls have a good relationship as far as looking good are concerned. For an even more luxuriant look, tousled curls applied to your hair makes the magic happen. Make sure to use hair spray to get the desired lush.

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