25 Simple Haircuts For Men

Understandably, some men want simple haircuts. It could be because of busy schedules or a lack of interest in prominent haircuts. They don’t want too much going on with their hair.

Simple haircuts can be fashionable and don’t typically require high maintenance or excessive styling.

We are going to outline 25 simple haircuts for men; these haircuts will give you the simple but stylish look you want.

1. Crew Cut

The class and popularity of the crew cut are thanks to its simplicity. The sides and the rear are kept shorter than the top hair.

2. Caesar Cut

This haircut is another style that’s simple and easy to maintain. The Caesar cut has been around for a long time and has survived the tests of time.

3. Salt and Pepper Fade

Men with salt-and-pepper hair can always go for a simple haircut like the one above. The distinctive look of grey mixed with black is outstanding.

4. Buzz Cut

Buzzing off a few inches of your hair gives you a buzz cut. You can also grow a short beard to compliment the haircut.

5. Tapered Cut

There’s beauty in plainness, and a tapered cut proves exactly that. The hair on the sides and rear is reduced but not too close to the scalp. The goal is to blend the top with the sides and back without giving it too much contrast.

6. Short Quiff

This style features a shorter quiff that doesn’t call up much attention to keep it simple. A medium-hold hair product keeps the quiff in place.

7. Tapered fade

Don’t think for a second that simple haircuts can’t be fabulous. The subtle contrast of the tapered fade and short top is something you can’t dislike.

8. Curly Fade

In this case, the curls are not left to grow lengthy. Just enough length of a few inches of top curls, and the sides and rear can be faded.

9. Temple Fade

As the name suggests, the hair on the temple is faded neatly. You can style the top strands to your desired preference.

10. Comb Back

This gentlemanly style requires some produce to slick back the hair. The sides can be tapered or faded.

11. Clean Shave

Be comfortable in your skin and shave off the hair on your head. A full beard can make you look intense with this style.

12. Textured Top

Tapered sides and the textured top is something you can’t help but love. The texture on top gives the style the appropriate volume.

13. Brushed Up

A brushed-up style is simple because of its low maintenance. The length of hair is kept reasonably short for a simple look.

14. Skin Fade

The fade on the sides and rear is taken higher, slightly above the eyebrows. The sharp difference between the top and sides creates a neat appearance.

15. Buzz Cut Fade

A very cool and simple hairstyle. The buzz cut is combined with a high fade, and it looks impressive.

16. Ivy League

It looks like a crew cut, but the layering on top differentiates the Ivy League. And like every other haircut on this list, it is tidy.

17. Butch Cut

Short and simple, that’s all there’s to it. It is another go-to haircut for men who want a low-maintenance style.

18. Combed Hard Part With Fade

A hard part, either to the right or left, often results in a haircut like the one above. The faded sides add to the beauty of this hairstyle. A medium-hold hair product is used to hold the style in place.

19. Curly Top With Tapered Sides

You can try this out. The selling point of this style is how it tames the hair but leaves enough on top to retain the hair volume.

20. Wavy Top Crop With Fade

This hairstyle is for gentlemen who want less volume on top but with enough defining texture. The haircut is cool and can serve you in casual and professional settings.

21. Low Fade

Why not show off your thick locks with this fine haircut? The sides and rear are faded low, leaving the top a bit high and in all its glory.

22. French Crop

Still, on simple haircuts, we present the French Crop. If you have thick straight hair, go for this. The texture on top works its way to the front, while the sides are low enough to leave you looking classy.

23. Swept Back Fade

Hats off to the stylist that brought this cut to be. What you see here should clear up any reservations about the swept-back fade. The contrast between the top and sides of the head makes this one of the best haircuts for men looking for something simple.

24. The Undercut

How about getting an undercut? The sides are shaved close to the scalp, leaving the top hanging. You can either brush it backward or take it to the side.

25. Drop Fade With Hard Part

Looks great, right? The hard part on top provides the right distraction and is great for a simple look. Then there’s the drop fade; just perfect!

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