How to Straighten Men’s Hair

A lot of guys who have curly hair want to straighten it out. You are probably reading this article because having straight hair has been on your mind for some time. It is important to point out that being a man does not automatically mean you have fewer options to choose from when trying to straighten your hair.

To this end, we have prepared this piece of writing to show you a few simple methods that work. Read carefully and pick a method that best suits you.

Blow Dry And Brush

Blow drying hair

Quite a lot of people own a blow dryer at home, and for this reason, this method has gained some popularity. To achieve straight hair via this method, follow this guide:

• Begin by getting your hair damp.

• Brush your hair to detangle it.

• Apply some heat spray.

• Get your blow dryer ready (preferably one with a concentrator nozzle).

• Starting from the front hair, use a brush to pull a little segment of hair along your forehead.

• Have your blow dryer at about half an inch from your hair and then dry from the hair roots to the tips.

• Do this process for the other segments of hair.

• As for the back of your head, get a comb and comb your hair flat to your scalp before focusing the blow dryer on it.

• Now that you have dried your hair, set your dryer to cold air and blow your hair with it. It helps to set the straight style.

Things to note about this method:

• The duration of this method differs. It all depends on how long or thick your hair is and how well you follow the steps.

• To keep the hair held in place, use a hair spray.

• This method does not offer permanent straight hair.

Flat Ironing

Hair flat iron kit
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Another method that works is the flat iron procedure. Of course, like any another method, this one requires a step by step instructions. Follow these to the latter:

• Make sure to detangle your hair.

• Wash off your hair with lukewarm water and hydrating shampoo ( a super hydrating shampoo, preferably).

• Massage your hair thoroughly with the shampoo. Don’t forget to use those fingers to get to the roots of your hair and the scalps.

• Next, rinse off the shampoo from your hair.

• Then gently do some squeezing to your hair. It would help you to get rid of excess water on your hair.

• Apply a sufficient amount of hydrating and smoothing [rinse out] conditioner. This should be applied just above the ears and to the lower back just above the nape. If you would rather prefer applying to the roots, then go for it.

• Distribute the conditioner through your hair. To do this, you can use your fingers or, better still, use your comb to do this gently.

• Now rinse your hair properly and wrap up with a final cold water rinse.

• After that, use a 100% cotton towel to blot your hair.

• Apply leave-in (not rinse off) conditioner and heat-protecting spray.

• Take out your Blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle. Blow dry your hair in segments slowly (lowest setting) with a paddle brush.

• It causes less damage to your hair when you set your dryer to a cool temperature. But to get straighter hair, use hot air. The heat-protecting spray helps avoid damage to your hair.

• Now the moment you have been waiting for, the flat iron. By now, your hair is fully dry; flat iron your hair to your desired straightness. For added protection, you have the option of applying another round of heat-protecting spray before flat ironing your hair.

• Finally, apply an anti-frizz serum to your hair. Use a small quantity to prevent having oily hair. Massage your hair thoroughly with your hands. Also, apply an anti-humidity spray as well.

Things to note about this method:

• Like the first method, it takes time.

• There won’t be guaranteed permanent straight hair.

• Using this hot styling method can damage your hair. To avert this, make sure to at all times, hydrate your hair in between the sessions as you possibly can.

Hair Relaxers (Chemical)

This particular method can offer a much longer period of straight hair. Please note that this is a chemical treatment and you need to be extra cautious. A relaxer comes in the form of a cream. The chemical formulation can change the texture of your hair from curly to straight in a short period.

Before using this, please (emphasis on the please) read the instruction carefully. Relaxers are very strong and can cause burns to your scalp and the skin around your head. It can also cause severe damage to your hair.

These are the steps to relax your hair:

• Do not shampoo your hair. You do not need clean hair, so avoid this, please. Leave your hair unwashed with a shampoo for roughly a week or so.

• Every hair relaxer product comes with a detailed description of how to make use of it. Please read and follow the instructions to the latter.

• Do not handle the relaxer with your bare hands. Put on protective gloves. If none came with it, get some gloves.

• Apply the relaxer to your hair. Do this in segments–from your scalp and up to the tips of your hair.

• Please leave it to sit on your hair for 10come5 minutes. The product will come with instructions on how long to leave it.

• Once the time is up, wash off the relaxer with a (neutralizing) shampoo. Thoroughly wash off the relaxer.

• Apply a rinse-off conditioner and rinse your hair with cold water.

Things to note about this method:

• Those with a sensitive scalp should use a no-lye relaxer.

• Pick a relaxer suitable for your hair texture.

• Do not use a relaxer if you have an irritated scalp. Also, avoid using it if you have open cuts on your scalps.

• Use a plastic glove and a hairdresser’s cape.

• Apply petroleum jelly on your hairline and scalp. This will help prevent burns.

• Divide your hair into 4 to 6 segments before applying the relaxer.

• The treatment lasts for about 8 to 10 weeks.

• Moisturize your hair often. Relaxers tend to dry out hair.

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