How To Style Thick Wavy Hair Men

Wavy hair looks great, no doubt about that. But with “great” hair comes great responsibility. Thick and wavy hair almost at all times proves very stubborn to style.

Okay, so let’s get on with what brought you here; tips on how to style your fierce-looking thick wavy hair. Yes, you got that right; Thick wavy hair can style it!

All you need to know are the right techniques, and you’ll have thick wavy hair that will submit to your control.

Shampoo Your Hair

Washing hair with shampoo

In addition to cleaning your hair, shampoo can add moisture. But don’t just use any shampoo. Get a moisturizing shampoo. Several well-seasoned stylists advise that it’s healthier to shampoo your hair not more than three times a week.

Shampooing every day can rid your hair of essential oils.
Use a sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo, though. Shampoo products with sulfate and paraben can irritate your scalp and cause hair breakage.

For additional information on how to properly shampoo your hair, check out this article; it contains tips you need to know about.

For Healthier, Softer Hair, Use Good Conditioners

Hair styling products

Condition! Condition! Condition! That thick wavy hair on your head needs to be conditioned, and make sure you do this regularly. But just before you apply the conditioners (rinse-off), ensure you have a comb handy (a wide-tooth preferably).

Okay, so apply the conditioner and comb your hair thoroughly to distribute it evenly.
Conditioning your hair helps soften it, and if the hair is soft, it’s easy to manage and style.

Invest In Good Styling Products

Hair clay

Hair products like hair clay (for styling shorter thick wavy hair) and leave-in conditioners work well for styling thick wavy hair. The leave-conditioner hydrates your hair; as we’ve already established–thick wavy hair needs all the hydration it can get.

Using hair wax and pomades on your thick wavy hair can make it easy to style too. But it will look greasy when used in excess. Use a little amount when styling your hair.

Pomades can help you hold your hair even if it’s a high-volume style like a quiff hairstyle.

Waxes not only hold your hair, but they also give it a glossy finish. And not just that, it leaves your hair flexible enough to be restyled while retaining your waves.

Blow-dry your hair and brush first before using styling products on it.

Let Those Manes Air Dry

Ask any well-seasoned hair expert, and they will tell you that too much heat can damage your hair. Frequent use of heat on thick wavy hair can cause breakage and curly hair.

Instead, air-dry your hair before applying styling products. For those in a rush who don’t have the luxury of waiting, set your blow dryer on a cool air setting and blast away the wetness.

Choose The Right Haircut

A man getting a haircut

If you’re comfortable with having long hair, you can let your thick wavy hair grow. If you don’t like long hair, then get a short-length haircut. When choosing a shorter-length haircut, go for textured cuts, and they will even out the weight of your thick hair.


select a styling technique that works for you and diligently follow the styling technique.

Remember, you must use a heat protectant when told.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I go from straight to wavy hair?

Using the right hair products can help you achieve wavy hair. Some of these products are as follows:

• Salt spray: They can be easily found in the hair product aisle. Get one that contains conditioning oils that will leave your hair hydrated. Spray it on your damp hair and let it air dry. Scrunch your hair with your fingers. Doing this can help with more wavy patterns.

• Mousse: Get those that are specially formulated to enhance curls. Like the salt spray, apply it to your hair and let it air dry.

• Blow dry: Please note that you will need some heat protectant. Comb your hair to distribute the protectant evenly. Now apply a hair-holding cream before twisting your hair into small sections. Blow dry with a diffuser nozzle and gently scrunch the twisted hair. Do this until your hair is dried out.

• Hair curlers: These products can help you get nice (short) wavy hair. You can apply it and leave it to sit overnight, and this method only offers temporary waves for short hairs.

Can braiding my long hair make it wavy?

Sure, it can. Braiding your hair can also work for medium-length hair. However, before braiding, spray sea salt on your damp hair and braid. Let it sit that way for some hours–leaving it overnight works too.

Braid your hair in several tight portions for a well-defined and tight, wavy texture. For loose waves, braid your hair in a few loose portions.

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