How to Texture Hair Men

Looking good is good business, and we know this! That is why we have prepared this piece of writing to show you how to get perfectly textured hair. And you want to know something else; your hair type doesn’t matter!

Textured haircut

To texture or not to texture; that is the question. Having the right hair texture is important for many. You probably hate it when your hair feels dull and flat. Well, texturized hair is possible, and you can achieve it. We want you to recover the strong, textured, and sexy hair you seriously deserve.

Get a Layered Haircut

Layered haircut

There are a lot of options when it comes to layered haircuts. A good hairstylist or barber can give you any layered haircut you choose. But just to let you know how it works, some parts of your hair will be cut (in specific angles) short while others will be left a bit longer. It creates the desired layering that allows longer hairs to rest on the shorter ones.

As we mentioned earlier, you have a variety of options when it comes to adding texture (which is sometimes necessary) to your hair. An ideal length of hair for a textured haircut is around 3 to 5 inches.

Get a Good Shampoo And Hair Conditioner

Seasoned professional stylists advise that it is better and healthier to use paraben-free shampoos and conditioners.

Herbal paraben-free shampoo

The reason for this is that paraben has been associated with hair loss. The substance easily absorbs into the skin and can damage your scalp. So with that in mind, get yourself some hair shampoo and conditioner products that do not contain paraben.

Look for thickening and hair volume shampoo and conditioner products. They are effective in retaining hair texture.

Some have also found dry shampoo and then scrunching helpful. Get a good dry shampoo and spray sparingly on your hair. Follow this by applying a gentle scrunch as you evenly distribute the dry shampoo throughout your hair.

Get Some Hair Highlights

You don’t have to highlight every inch of your hair. Just add some color on a few strands of hair (the highlights should be focused on the hair tips, don’t go all the down to the scalp), and you’re good to go. Get it done right, and you’ll look fresh with added hair texture.

Get Yourself Some Texturizing Products

It’s easy to find hair products that add texture to your hair. Hair texture sprays like:

• Sea salt spray
• Wave spray
• Volume spray

As for using the Sea salt spray, you need to get your hair damp before spraying. Make sure to spray from the roots to the tips of your hair. Apply some gentle squeeze to your hair (scrunch) with your hands. Doing this will give you textured waves.

Applying hairspray

Pomade works too. When using the pomade, it’s advised that you only apply a little but sufficient quantity on the strands of your hair.

Chemical Texturizer

Your stylist can also give you textured hair with a texturizer. The chemical formulation of a texturizer product loosens up your hair but doesn’t completely straighten it out. Once applied to your hair, it’s left to sit for 10 minutes and then washed off. Unlike a hair relaxer, it only loosens the curls.

The objective is to get your hair softer and without the frizz. Once this process is done, your hair becomes more manageable and textured.

Things to note about getting your hair textured:

• Always get your hair textured by a professional and seasoned stylist.

• Your hair can look frizzy and thin if it’s done wrong.

• Tell your stylist what you have in mind but don’t be quick to dismiss their suggestions.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Texturizing Hair

Why texturize my hair?

That’s a good question. You can texturize your hair if you possess natural hair movement that makes your hair volume seem excessive. With a textured haircut, your hair volume is an added advantage that helps achieve a modern haircut.

When is the best time to texture when getting a haircut?

Best to do it right after your haircut is complete. The reason is that the area of the hair where texturing needs to be applied will be better determined then.

How will texturizing help my hair?

It gives your hair a refined voluminous look.

Will my hair get thinner if I texturize it?

No, it won’t. Unlike thinning scissors, texturing scissors are equipped with wider spaced-out teeth. This extra space cuts out thicker hair strands. So do not worry about getting thinner hair from texturizing.

How can I maintain my texturized hair?

Invest in a deep conditioner. It will help maintain perfect hair moisture and protection against hair breakage. Also, avoid excessive shampooing. Limit it to not more than three times a week.
Use warm water when washing your hair always.

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